Developing capacity in people living with HIV allows them to be leaders in their own lives, builds resilience to challenges posed by health and stigma and empowers them to be advocates, teachers, and full participants in their communities.

The Positive Leadership Development Institute (PLDI) Australia and New Zealand is proud to present the 2017-18 Annual Report which showcases the results of three workshops delivered across Victoria, New South Wales and New Zealand.

This year’s report focuses on the difference a cultural lens can make and how the PLDI process not only helps people on their journey with HIV but helps them navigate their way through life.

We are proud of the affect that our workshops have had on all of the participants and particularly excited to share the experiences of three of last year’s graduates here:

Tawhanga, one of PLDI’s New Zealand facilitators’ highlights the way using Maori principles can help all communities,

Being informed by Maori thinking and ways of doing requires respectful relating. It means that people are working towards the shared interests of the communities they work on behalf of and doing so in constructive and supportive ways.”

Jackie, a participant from Victoria said,

The fear of stigma made me feel as if I couldn’t lead – that no one would follow me or that I didn’t have enough to say.” “I now know that I can lead, that I can own my role, not just within the HIV community, but across my entire life

Charlie Tredway from New Zealand said

I can say, without hyperbole that engaging with PLDI changed my life, both as a participant and a facilitator.

He goes on to say,

I am incredibly grateful for the experience and know that the connection to PLDI will continue to ground and inform who I am and my place in HIV advocacy

pdfClick here to view the 2017-18 Annual Report to explore more stories from our newest graduates.