Positive Leadership Development Institute builds stronger leaders and stronger communities.

The Positive Leadership Development Institute (PLDI) Australia and New Zealand has launched its 2016-17 Annual Report.

During the last two decades, I have been an advocate, an activist, an agitator and an ambassador for sexual health issues. Throughout, I have used my voice to promote the health and wellbeing of my people and their communities.

We believe that strong leaders create stronger communities. We honor the leadership of the past; value the leadership of today; and inspire leadership for the future.

The Kirby Institute, in partnership with the Positive Leadership Development Institute (PLDI™ Australia) has today launched the inaugural Kirby Institute Community Scholarship.

Launched at AIDS 2014, PLDI™ Australia has emerged as an important program to foster leadership within the community of people living with HIV.

PLDI™ Australia is a new collaborative endeavour in the HIV community response in Australia.

Positive Leadership Development Institute™ (PLDI™) Australia is a unique international collaboration between Canada and Australia to offer workshops run by HIV positive people for HIV positive people that focus on increasing resilience and leadership capacity.